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E-Assessment involves using technology to quickly and easily test people anywhere, at anytime. We provide testing solutions for employment education and health professionals.

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Career Voyage is carefully researched and designed career guidance software which helps young people and adults make good career decisions.

Designed as a tool for accredited* career advisers to effectively and efficiently work with their clients, the software delivers excellent outcomes. Students/clients receive reports with personal profile information, job suggestions ranked in order of suitability, details of selected jobs, and action planning. Career practitioners save time and have more satisfied students/clients with much clearer career plans.

Rocket Reader
Builds your child's reading confidence and fluency
Includes pronunciation and phonic, sight word recognition and recall training
Develops instant word recognition, so your child becomes an excellent reader at early age
Fun and easy to use with plenty of sound and picture rewards
83 graded lessons teaching the 1,000 most used words in the English language
Create your own lessons easily
Training optimized according to your child's skill level
Three different printable reports detailing your child's progress including printable flashcards
Improve your child's word knowledge and reading techniques


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