5. Be Our Partner - Be the future!

5.1 Novell Academic Training Partner (NATP)
5.2 Novell Training Service Partner (NTSP)

5.1 Novell Academic Training Partner (NATP)

a) What is a NATP?
It is time to give your students the Linux software and training they deserve. When you choose Linux from Novell, you get more than an operating system. You get top-notch curriculum, instructor support, flexible options and – above all – an affordable, proven training solution.

Be a part of the future when you can help learners leverage and extend IT investments. Join NCL Solutions Sdn Bhd (a sole and exclusive Novell Technical Institute (NTI) for ASEAN and the Middle East) and discover how to enable your college or university for even greater success as a Novell Academic Training Partner (NATP).

We enable you to help students and teachers develop lifelong interest and expertise in computing technologies and open source software to give them an edge in today's technology-driven world. Experience the benefits of partnering with an industry leader. Give your students the skills, knowledge and training they need to launch successful IT careers. The NATP program is the ideal and affordable way to teach any of Novell technologies to your students.
b) Benefits of becoming a NATP
NATPs can use Novell collateral to attract students to your classes. You will have access to logos, branding guidelines, program brochures, course outlines and more.

You will also receive free evaluation software, substantial academic discounts on curriculum and certification exams, and free software licenses for use in a classroom environment.
Partner Benefits Details Description
Software licenses for instructional use Keep your students up to date with the latest Novell technologies by receiving 50 user licenses on all Novell software
Exam discounts Receive substantial academic discounts compared to commercial pricing
Satellite campuses Teach Novell technology at multiple campuses at no additional fee
Novell Advanced Technical Training discount Partner NAI receives a 25% discount off Novell Advanced Technical Training cost
Co-branding Partners can use Novell collateral to attract students to your classes. You will have access to logos, branding guidelines, program brochures, course outlines and more.
BrainShare discount Receive a USD295 discount off the registration fee for the next Novell BrainShare conference
Welcome aboard kit This kit includes collateral to market your institution as a Novell partner, including a Novell plaque, a classroom banner and more
PartnerNet portal access Access to all Web resources available to Novell partners
Monthly communication Stay up to date with monthly newsletters, correspondence and news about Novell products, courseware and other opportunities
Novell Technical Subscription Enjoy a complimentary annual subscription to the Novell Software Evaluation and Development Library – downloaded through the PartnerNet Portal
Participation in corporate events Be eligible to be invited to participate at regional conferences
Success story highlights Visit Channel Link to submit your partner success stories.
Partner support Contact our Partner Support Team by phone or e-mail for assistance.
c) Be a NATP
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5.2 Novell Training Service Partner (NTSP)
a) What is a NTSP?
If you want to help your customers discover truly integrated IT or help learners leverage and extend their academic experience, NCL Solutions Sdn Bhd (a sole and exclusive Novell Technical Institute (NTI) for ASEAN and the Middle East), can help. We enable your growth with resources that allow you to offer a range of technical training. As a Novell Authorized Training Partner, you can help your customers realize business value and accelerate returns, as well as reduce IT costs, mitigate risk and manage complexity. Give your customers and trainers an edge in today's technology-driven world by creating an expertise in computing and open source software.

Imagine what's possible when you can help your customers drive stronger alignment between technology investments and business goals or help students discover the potential of open source software. The Novell PartnerNet program is focused on:
1. Enabling partner growth
2. Investing in partner profit potential
3. Accelerating partner success
b) Benefits of becoming a NTSP
Linux is opening new doors for Novell and it can do the same for you. With Novell at the forefront of Linux and open source innovation, now is the time to become a Novell Authorized Training partner. Novell PartnerNet delivers a core set of benefits to all members as well as an additional set of benefits for Training partners that choose to specialize. Some of those benefits include:
1. Increased exposure to customers and other Novell partners through the Training Locator and Partner Locator
2. Access to Channel Link, a resource centre with sales information, enablement tools and program guides on Novell Training
3. When your IT staff members have Linux certifications from Novell, you can be assured that you can get the most from your IT investment. Your certified staff is trained to ensure that the environment is fully utilized.
4. Ability to purchase Novell Authorized courseware through NCL Solutions Sdn Bhd
5. Ability to offer Practicum testing through NCL Solutions Sdn Bhd
Benefits Description
Membership Benefits
Partner Locator Promote your company and capabilities to Novell customers
PartnerNet Portal Your entry point into the tools, resources and information to support your business
Partner Level Dashboard One-click access to monitor your execution against performance values
PartnerNet Help desk Phone and e-mail resources to assist you with all your Novell needs
Internal Use Software Enhance your ability to recommend and support Novell-based solutions by using our product to run your business, build testing environments and customer pilot deployments (50users)
Monthly PartnerNet Newsletter A monthly vehicle to keep you informed of company-, focus area- and program-related news and information pertinent to your business
E-mail updates and Alerts Targeted communications specific to your area of focus
Sales and Marketing Benefits
Enablement Central A valuable resource for your sales, technical, consulting and marketing teams to access a wide range of tools and training from one location
Novell Branding Resources Access to Novell logos and branding marks to use in all your marketing activities
Novell Partner Product Guide and SUSE Linux Enterprise ISV Catalogue Inclusion in catalogues to market your products to other Novell partners and customers
Technical Service Benefits
Novell Professional Resource Suite Access to training materials
Early Access to Beta Software Get a head-start developing applications and supporting your customers ahead of the general availability of Novell products
Access to Cool Solutions See first hand how other partners and customers are using Novell products and solutions to solve real-world problems. You can even contribute your own cool solutions!
Training and Enablement Benefits
Online Sales Training Access voice-narrated sales training courses to help your sales team prepare for customer conversations
On Demand Technical Training Gain valuable technical expertise from Novell experts from the convenience of your office
Online Demo System Deliver high-quality demonstrations of Novell products and solutions
c) Be a NTSP
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