4. SLE 11 + Open Office.org Novell Edition

4.1 What is SLES 11?
4.2 What is LibreOffice?
4.3 Benefits of Training and Certification with NCL Solutions
4.4 SLE Success Stories

4.1 What is SLES 11?

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is a highly reliable, scalable, and secure server operating system. It is designed to power's today's and tomorrow's data centre applications, web services and networks. With this affordable, interoperable and manageable open source foundations, your enterprise can deliver mission-critical services in both physical and virtual environments at a fraction of the cost of other options.
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is the safest choice for your enterprise:
1. Safe for running mission-critical applications
2. Safe for physical and virtual workloads
3. Safe for mixed IT environments
4. Safe today, and safe for tomorrow
Features Benefits
Integrated Systems Management Efficient set up, configure and manage your IT environment
Reliability, Availability and Serviceability Get the most from your systems and reduce expensive downtime
Cross Platform Virtualization Increase resource utilization and provision services faster
Green IT Get maximum server performance per watt of energy used
Comprehensive Security Effectively protect your critical systems and data from external and internal threats
Advanced Networking Get better performance by using the latest, optimized open sourced networking stack
High Performance Computing Cost effectively solve the most demanding computational and data intensive problems
Modular Extensions Add advanced capabilities to your existing SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
Simplified Subscription Management Efficiently manage your server support subscription entitlements
World Class Service and Support Deploy with confidence knowing that SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is backed by Novell and comes with innovative support diagnosis and reporting tools
4.2 What is LibreOffice?
LibreOffice is a full productivity suite that delivers word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, drawing and database capabilities. You can dramatically lower acquisition and ownership costs, maximize productivity and minimize transition costs for your users. You can save an average of 50-60% compared to proprietary suites over a three year period.
LibreOffice comes bundled with these applications:
1. Writer: Word processing program
2. Calc: Spreadsheet program
3. Impress: Presentation program
4. Base: Database program
5. Draw: Vector graphics editor for building drawings such as flowcharts
4.3 Benefits of Training and Certification with NCL Solutions
Why should you put forth the effort to get certified?

Certification proves to current or potential employers that you are a motivated learner and are committed to excellence in IT support. Our certification programs let you specialize in the areas most beneficial to your job and giving you a solid foundation in key technologies.

Budgets are tighter these days and it's not easy to justify spending, however, you can't miss out on Linux training from Novell. Become an expert on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 and leverage the many cost saving benefits Linux brings to your IT environment.
Why train or employ people with a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 certification from Novell?
Value When you employ people with Novell Certified Linux Professional 11 or Novell Certified Linux Engineer 11 designations, you know they have achieved a recognized skill-level benchmark. Because they have passed a rigorous practicum exam, they not only know what to do, but they can also apply their knowledge in a real-life environment.
Efficiency Staff members who have obtained these certifications are familiar with the Linux environment already, so they can carry out their jobs more quickly and effectively.
Return on investment When your IT staff members have Linux certifications from Novell, you can be assured that you can get the most from your IT investment. Your certified staff is trained to ensure that the environment is fully utilized.
Peace of mind Employing certified staff ensures that your infrastructure perfectly supports your business. It is in safe hands; knowing this allows you to forget about your network and focus on building and improving your business.
Quality Novell is the only company that provides enterprise-level training for any SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 environment. You'll get true value from your Novell training, which is known for its rigorous standards and high quality.
Measurement Company leaders value training and recognize the benefit it brings to their organization. They also face increasing pressure to justify expenses and demonstrate results. By investing in Novell training, your staff will develop core skills associated with their specific job roles, thus allowing them to focus on specific areas and, consequently, to achieve maximum results.
Choice Staff members like (and need) to learn in different ways – and their varying schedules likely don't permit them to learn at the same time. Novell offers a comprehensive range of training methods to suit different budgets, learning styles and time constraints.
Leading technology SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 is the world's best-engineered and most interoperable Linux platform. Having staff trained on the very latest platform ensures that your staff is ready to use the solutions that will best support your business.
Motivation Employees who are given the opportunity to develop through training and achieve their career aspirations are more likely to be better motivated and stay with a company long-term, resulting in lower recruitment costs. Highly motivated staff is a key investment for companies of any size.
Focus Certified employees know their roles in running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 in their enterprise. Both certification programs – the Novell Certified Linux Professional 11 and the Novell Certified Linux Engineer 11 – are designed to cover specific job skills: nothing more, nothing less.
Rise of Linux In response to the economic downturn, Linux is being more widely adopted by many organizations. With its attractive price, reliability and interoperability, Linux is a great choice for businesses on budgets. And Linux certifications from Novell are a smart way to make the most of your Linux investment.
4.4 SLE Success Stories
SAP Community Network
University Of New Mexico
Watts Water Technologies
Lowell Area Schools
National Foods Limited
Sony Italia