“I begin to know Linux years back, and since then I never looked back other than be an ardent user of this wonderful operating system (OS) . I choose Linux due to its security, stability and robustness. As a network management engineer, Linux contributes to almost all aspects of my task requirements from server and desktop operations.


Moving forward, to propel my career growth and skills recognition, proper training and certification are needed to catalyze it especially in my Linux expertise area. To achieve this, I looked no further than go to NCL Solutions Sdn Bhd as they are the sole and exclusive Novell Technical Institute (NTI) for ASEAN and Middle East which carry the Novell SUSE Linux training and certification program. I preferred the Novell SUSE Linux certifications because SUSE Linux is one of the leading industry experts preference. Comprehensive courseware, good training facility and well knowledge cum experienced trainer  provided by NCL has been the ingredients to my success of Novell Certified Linux courses track. I'm now a proud holder of NCLA and NCLP. Thank you NCL! “


Thanks and Regards;

Amir Herman Amiruddin

Network Management Group

Core Infrastructure

JARING Communications Sdn Bhd