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New Titles 2006-2007 >
Reading Level: 3-4  • Interest Level: 3-9
Category: Babysitting
Are your readers ready to start babysitting? These easy-to-read books offer everything they need to know to get started. From safety and training to activities and business strategies, these books are packed full of the information kids need before taking on the responsibility of babysitting.
Babysitting Activities: Fun with Kids of All Ages
Babysitting Basics: Caring for Kids
Babysitting Jobs: The Business of Babysitting
Babysitting Rules: A Guide for When You're in Charges
Babysitting Safety: Preventing Accidents and Injury
Babysitting Skills: Traits and Training for Success
  • Full-color photographs
  • Table of contents, glossary, index
  • Reinforced library binding
  • 32 pages, size: 10 " x 8"
  • Tips, quick reference guides
  • Fun Facts
Each Book :  RM 95.99
Complete set of Babysitting (6 titles):  RM575.94 (0-7368-6530-6)
* Additional freight charge for international order.
* 5% transportation charge for outside Klang Valley.
* Free delivery within Klang Valley for 10 books and above.
* Delivery upon clearance of cheque posted.

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