Normally adopted by schools that require a system to deploy SCORM compliant e-contents and as well as to monitor a small number of students. This system can easily be established with minimum customization with Microsoft servers and programming tools.

Synergy - Excellent Science Series are the Learning AID which suitable for PMR students preparing the PMR examination. The content is conform to the British Standard Narration.

EduPuzzles Crossword and Wordsearch Puzzles are Engaging on-line and CD-ROM delivered e-Learning tools with vibrant, Entertaining graphics and animation, audio and Educational text that can be used to teach, review and test vocabulary from any subject, sport or interest.

EduPuzzles raise the level of pupil interest by stimulating the desire to learn with the use of humour and by providing a user friendly, visually rich environment.

NCL offers high-quality financial e-learning content which features a library of over 1500 hours of instruction delivered through the Internet or intranet to meet professional needs across numerous financial topics.

The contents include interactive exercises, quizzes, simulations, graphics, practice exercises to enhance learning and retention. These contents are targeted to institution offering courses to groom Certified Financial Planner and bankers as well as to deliver training on accountancy, insurance, mathematics and many other financial modules.

Our Math & Science e-learning content is based on Malaysian Ministry of Education syllabus. These contents include high-interest multimedia interactive materials such as images, animation, simulation, quizzes, virtual laboratory and activities which are presented in straightforward manner, containing wealth of teaching material and easy-to-read English.

Every institution involves in education especially primary and secondary level would benefit from this innovative solutions.

Introduction to Financial Statement with Savv-e

Testing the Water - a suite of programs that brings business financials to life. Students can learn about financial statements by getting to know real people running real businesses.

Fruit Suite - a series of educational games for primary school students developing skills in innovation, creativity and enterprise