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Savv-e: E-Learning
  1. User friendly yet effective teaching-learning approaches.
  2. An exciting tools to supports, enhances and extends the classroom teaching and learning.
  3. High-interest multimedia interactive materials
    • Modular / Topical Approach
    • Standardized English grammar and pronunciation – Quality is maintained with professional readers and grammar editors with proven experience.
    • Animation and Simulation – helps pupils visualize the concepts and principles better and quickerLearning Objects
      • Teaching Notes
      • Exercises
      • Activities
      • Laboratory
  4. A highly interactive learning aid that simulates learner’s interest and creativity in the subjects.
  5. Teacher - Have a standardized tool where they can create a controlled environment of learning, discussion and cross pollination of ideas. Instead of spending time preparing the teaching materials, the teacher can spend more time creating discussion and providing customized material suitable for the particular local needs and added-value content
Science for Secondary Level
Topical Approach, Extremely Ease of use, Hassle Free, High-interest Multimedia
An exciting Science Teaching AID series written to match the Integrated Curriculum for Secondary Level syllabus. The CD covers mosts of the science topics with clear explainations of science concepts, content presented in straightforward manner, wealth of teaching material, easy-to-read English and high-interest multimedia interactive material.
Science by Topic for Primary Level

Popular Topics, Fascinating, Virtual Lab, Quizzes, Hands-on Activities
Science is even more fascinating when students learn about it on these incredible, multimedia interactive CD-ROM teaching aids. Here you will find popular topics that are taught in the science curriculum, based on a special integrated curriculum designed specifically for primary level.
General Science

Multimedia Interactive Science Chart

Animation, Narration, Attractive and Lively
More than 300 science charts are presented through simulation and virtual reality. Most of the natural scenes and phenomena about tthe science subjects, which cannot be seen, are well presented here through simulation and virtual reality. The visual and syllabus-based learning contents ease the teaching and learning process in schools. Furthermore, they enable students to visualise and get the real facts about the study of the subjects.
Benefits of our Educational Software
  1. The contents conform to the Latest MOE Integrated Curriculum Syllabus
  2. 100% Malaysian-Made Software (Local Talents and Resources)
  3. Custom-made for Teachers
  4. The contents are divided in modular / topical approach
  5. Auto play from CD without requiring any installation (Hassle Free)
  6. Teachers control the playback of Teaching AID
  7. Clear explanations and presentation in a straightforward manner
  8. High-interest multimedia interactive materials such as images, animation, simulation, quizzes, virtual laboratory and activities
  9. Reduce the time spent on writing notes, drawing or preparing extension
  10. Improve English reading and listening skills

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