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Testing the Water - Introduction to Financial Statements
Financial statements brought to life...

Let your people enjoy learning about financial statements by getting to know real people

running real business

This elearning program is for.....

• anyone working or dealing with business customers
• those responsible for assessing and approving business finance
• business owners in all sectors, or those planning to start a business

Increase your people's effectiveness in dealing with business customers

Minimise your business's operational risk

Improve the conversations of your sales people
This is the first in a suite of programs that brings business financials to life. Students can learn about financial statements by getting to know real people running real businesses. The program is suitable for senior school and tertiary students, small business owners and anyone wanting to understand the basics of business financials.
By the end of this 3-hour program, students will be able to:

prepare for a career in business


keep track of business finances


understand the financial health of a business


gauge how well a business is performing


More introductions inside 'Testing the Water' ................

Balance Sheet  

Profit and Loss statement


Dr Dent - Ziggy Dent is a sole traderin a small coastal town that is popular with surfers. He operates a board-repair workshop from a converted garage next to his home. Ziggy helps learners to interpret and complete a balance sheet


Rush P/L - Toby Saffron is the exeutive officer of a retail company that sells a range of surfboards, body boards, wind-surfing boards and related goods. Toby introduces learners to the profit and loss Statement

Ledger and Trial Balance  
Ratio Analysis

2nd Wave - Max Sanders and Arkie Waverley are partners who operate a surfwear store that operates from a large city shopping centre. Maz and Arkie introduce ration analysis.


Buoyance - Kate Dalrymple administers a family trust established to provide not-for-profit ocean tours and adventures to children with a disability. Kate takes learners through the ledger and trial balance.

Servicing Capacity    

Fathom - Greg Manta is CEO of a diving equipment manufacturer. He needs a loan to fund acquisition of a rival company. With Greg's help, users learn about servicing capacity.


Fruit Suite

The Fruit Suite is a series of educational games for primary school students developing skills in innovation, creativity and enterprise. There are four games:

Fruit Market challenges children to successfully understand and navigate a fruit market to build up their cash and trading status thereby winning the prize.

Fruit Shop challenges children to make judgements about the suitability and value of resources by playing the role of proprietor of a fruit supply shop .

Fruit Bank challenges children to maintain a healthy bank balance by making appropriate financial transactions and decisions in an online banking environment.

Fruit Farm challenges children to balance risk and responsibility in order to manage a business and maximise profit.

In addition, the suite has a series of interactive evaluation/reflection tools that can be used to support the learning.

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