CEIC (China Europe Innovation Center)


About NCL and CEIC:

NCL's Managing Director has formed an alliance with CEIC (China Europe Innovation Center) as the Managing Partner for ASEAN, Middle East and ANZ.

The China Europe Innovation Center (CEIC) was set up by the cooperation of GGDC (Global Green Development Center: a leading soft-landing for foreign companies and is an operator in China with global best practices in green, smart and health innovation industries) and Nanjing Software Valley. The GGDC team has exclusive rights and is responsible for the investment operations of the Nanjing Software Valley for foreign companies. GGDC relies on its global innovation industry network and experienced international industry operation team to provide comprehensive support for European and American SMEs landing to the Nanjing Software Valley and aiming to create a 'bridge' for European and American SMEs in China, a 'window' for International resource to the Nanjing Software Valley.

NCL Solutions Sdn. Bhd. in alliance with Nanjing Oulu Technology Ltd, one of the partners of GGDC/Software Valley will create a 'bridge' for ASEAN, Middle East and ANZ SMEs in China and Europe. The alliance will provide a 'window' and oppoetunity for mutual development of SMART TECH, GREEN TECH and MEDI-TECH for the region through CEIC.

The center provides the following services for international companies:-

(1) Providing financial support: Regular roadshows of funds and the proposed establishment of "International Innovation Industry Fund";
(2) Assisting marketing: Assisting companies to analyze and select different regional markets and marketing strategy;
(3) Implement talent transfer: find the talent resources needed such as professional managers, excellent industry technical teams and outsorce training to CEIC registered tenants overses etc;
(4) Intellectual property rights, taxation, industry approval and other consulting services;
(5) Provide domestic enterprises resources: Matching the existing enterprises in the Software Valley to match the existing enterprises in the Software Valley, and assisting in the docking with the enterprise database platform of the relevent national ministries and the enterprise members of the industry association.

The center is located on the 8th Floor of Building K, Yunmi CIty, Yuhuatai District, Nanjing. It is an international cooperation platform supported by China (Nanjing) Software Valley. The office area is 1196 square meters and the target is 80-100 people.

At present, the office space is open to overseas partners, and the rental price is 1,800 yuan/month/station.

Below are some of the pictures inside the building which consist of shared office area, large conference room, medium conference room, cafe area and small meeting room.

Large Conference Room:
Medium Conference Room:
CEIC Medium Conference ROom  
Cafe Area 1 Cafe Area 2
Small Meeting Rooms:  
CEIC Meeting Room CEIC Small Meeting Room
Shared Office Area:
CEIC Office Space Area CEIC Space Area
CEIC Space Area CEIC Space Area
NCL Visit:  
NCL Visit NCL Visit CEIC
NCL Visit NCL Visit